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All 1:1 coaching sessions are private & confidential,

held in our beautiful & peaceful office space

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Angela Lindegreen, Empowerment Coaching, Personal Coach, Life Coach, Albury
What can I expect?
Coaching sessions are not therapy sessions or psychological counselling sessions, nor will any coaching sessions be a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.
An easy metaphor to remember is this:
Counselling is looking in the rear vision mirror of your car, looking into your past & uncovering where you have been in your journey that has led to where you are now.
Coaching on the other hand is looking through the front windscreen. Starting from where you are NOW & mapping out the journey & road ahead of you to lead you to your empowering destination of choice.
As a Coach I will provide a safe & encouraging space for you to define how you would like to improve your life, creating goals that are positive, inspiring, empowering!
Empowerment Coaching will help you set boundaries, find your values & achieve your goals so you can THRIVE in your journey rather than just survive. 
BE the permission you are waiting for!
Angela x
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  • So inspirational & fun, makes us want to learn about Self-Love every week
  • You have taught me to love myself & I appreciate & respect you for that!
  • You have really helped my current situation, I cannot thank you enough, my inner mean girl is rarely their now x
  • I'm so grateful that you have come to our school & taught us how to believe in ourselves x
  • Someone I have so much respect for because of your confidence to help girls, your respect for others, your so beautiful x

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