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Testimonials & Praise

Bloom Within has allowed me to grow and develop a positive outlook on life. Before attending coaching sessions with Angela my self esteem was as low as 4/10, I am now happy to say since attending fortnightly sessions with Angela my self esteem is now sitting on an 8/10! Angela has helped me to set goals and put steps in place to make my goals happen, helping me create a better future.  Angela has also help me deal with number of relationship issues with family members, helping me to be able to respond in a polite, positive manner and not feed into any negatively. If you need to develop self confidence or create more positively in your life I highly recommend Angela at Bloom Within to you.

- Taygan, NSW AUST


Thank you so much Angela for coaching me over the last 12 weeks. Your skills, knowledge and kind caring nature have helped me to particularly move forward with something that I had not been able to make progress on for 7 months and I feel inspired with the way you were there for me when I needed the extra support. Your coaching sessions have given me a chance to talk about myself, which I do not do easily and I have really enjoyed being accountable to you each week by making sure I achieve the goals I set myself. 

- Ann, QLD, AUST.


“Angela is an amazingly sincere, authentic, warm hearted, wise and fun coach, who kept me accountable and made a huge difference in my life. Angela helped me step through fears of moving forward in my life with my new business. Thank you Angela for believing in me, and supportig me through with clarity to achieving my goals with success. You are a star ”

- Nancy, London, UK.


Angela is a beautiful and caring coach, whose gentle way helped me connect with my goal and carry it forward to achieving it. I feel blessed having had the opportunity to work with Angela, our connection coming at the most perfect time. 

- Debi, Canberra, AUST.


Angela is highly professional whilst emitting a trusting warmth that you can comfortably embrace. The support, advice and different perspectives of situations and problem solving I gained from Angela is fundamental to how I tackle each day. I highly recommend the use of incredible coach for personal and business goals! Thanks once again Angela.

- Haelee Reis, Canberra, AUST.

WORKSHOP Testimonials:
9-12 yr Workshops:
The workshop was 10/10. I loved making the vision board & passing them around for the other girls to write positive words on them.  I learnt that you don't have to be pretty to be successful. It was really FUN! (Paige, aged 10)
I gave the workshop 10/10, it was fun, exciting, awesome & cool. (Anonymous, aged 10)
The workshop was 9.9/10. I loved doing the vision boards and learning nobody is perfect!  It was amazing, you should go, the only bad thing was the time frame but you should DEFINITELY GO! (Bridget, 10)

The workshop was 10/10. It was awesome, we did facials, vision boards and much more.  I really enjoyed it and I would love to do it again.  I learnt to be strong & be YOU. (Abbey,12yrs)
I gave the workshop 9/10. We made vision boards and learnt about looking for the positives not the bad things.  I enjoyed making the vision board the most. (Penny, 12yrs)
This workshop was 9/10! I loved the vision boards & the facials and learnt that it doesn't matter what other people think of you, it's how you think of yourself. (Grace, 12yrs)
I enjoyed everything about the workshop! I learnt that it doesn't matter what other people think of you, you are unique in every way. (Zoie, 12yrs)
15+ yr Workshops:
10/10. I really enjoyed the laughs, meeting new people & making the vision boards. I learnt to love myself no matter what & to be more confident. It was a really good workshop to have a giggle & learn about your self-esteem. (Taylor, 15)
8/10. I really enjoyed having the feeling that I can relate to the other girls & knowing that I can improve my self-esteem. It was a great workshop and had a good feeling to it. It was really nice to talk and realise what can help you and what doesn't help you. (Natasha, 15)
10/10.  I enjoyed having a facial and doing the vision board.  The one thing I'll take away from this workshop is to be more confident and be respectful to myself.  It was a really good workshop that helped me improve my views towards myself in a positve way.  (Kate, 15)
10/10.  I loved being comfortable to be able to speak freely and all of the advice and lessons.  I learnt that I'm not the only one going through this, that it is achieveable.  It was a friendly talking environment which we could learn and grow from.  It had helpful & guiding messages, I am so much more confident I can face challenges head on. (Ella, 15)

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