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Out of the darkness...

New beginnings!

I always seem to struggle with the colder months, my energy levels take a beating in winter and I lose my mojo (it takes a holiday with the sun somewhere else).

By the time September rolls around, the mornings are lighter, the weather is warmer and I can start to feel my inner spark return. I spring out of bed early wanting to get out in the sun, take fresh morning walks and shake off the 'glug' I've been hanging onto from the colder months. Then it dawns on me, just like the seasons change, we change. Some people love change, some dread it and hold on for dear life thinking they can't possibly cope with the unknown. September is a great month to realise that out of darkness comes light, out of hibernation comes life.

My garden has gone from bleak lifeless brown to beautiful vibrant green with blossom. As I sit on my front verandah listening to the birds sing and take in the beautiful different variety of leaves, flowers & growth taking place, it reminds me that everything is where its meant to be. The flowers don't compete over who blooms first, who blooms the biggest or who blooms the most, and the trees stand grounded beautifully swaying in the breeze, neither of them competing for sun, just growing at the perfect rate.

I love watching this new life cycle and with it comes fresh and inspiring ideas for me as well. I then wonder why I'm always so hard on myself in Winter, I chastise myself for not being as motivated as I should be, not moving as fast as I could be, not being full of inspiration like I normally am. By the time Spring rolls around my mojo is back again (as always) and the leaves on the trees are back again (as always) and I remind myself that Winter is a time to stop, reflect, rejuvenate, slow down, unwind and get ready for the new growth. Without it, there would be no new growth.

Along with new blossoms on the trees, I was also experienced wonderful new adventures. I was fortunate enough to be a parent helper on my daughter’s school camp with 15 girls on the South Coast, the weather was amazing but the girls were even more amazing! Each one of them in the surf at 7.30am every morning for surfing lessons and not one of them gave up, gave in or became irritated when they were thrown off their board and into the waves. On the last morning at 7am they had to put on wet cold bathers, wet cold wetsuits covered in sand to have their last surfing lesson and again, no complaints. By the last day they were all up on their boards surfing and smiling from ear to ear.

I was so inspired watching these girls aged 11 to 15 at how simple, uncomplicated & FUN they made their whole experience. It made me wonder when did I lose that child-like wonder, the notion that everything is fun, nothing is too hard even if you're thrown into freezing water, waves dumping you left right & centre, boards whacking you in the face & having sand in places sand shouldn't be!

I am so grateful my daughter has access to these wonderful experiences at her school & such strong male teacher role models in her daily life that encourage adventure & a thirst for learning. My wish is that my daughter doesn't ever lose her child-like wonder & I learn jump into the deep end a little more often!

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